Age 11



the educated cephalopod


workshop at LSC (Sham Shui Po)

I did a workshop at the School of the Saviour Lutheran Church, there I was lucky enough to be serenaded with three classic (and very beautiful) Cantonese love songs.

“poseidon in glory” not a dumb name for a painting

This week I contracted the black lung and have been confined to my bed-chambers. I am currently living off yellow gatoraid.  Today I did two loads of laundry.  Yesterday I drew Ryan as a merman.  It’s called “Poseidon in Glory”.


high tea


self portrait sketch


I think it gets the job done.


adventures in the swimming pool


A long time ago I went to Chicago.  I returned regularly for years to come, with little business even.  It’s all a big gray area that belongs to someone I am not.  I look at these pictures, because I can reminisce now, and I see the place where I was living.  I see the people in the offices outside of my window, not close enough for faces.  There I would sit, on the strip of mantle that lined our window, naked and painting my toes- occasionally glancing up to watch them watch me.  There’s a certain dissonance in the height of it all, I couldn’t have been more than a piece of bubblegum.  No person on the ground, all focused on collecting their crap and coffee, would ever recognize me as the girl who paints her toes naked in the window of 1505B.


little thing

Today a bird flew into my window on the bus.

smoking can accelerate ageing of skin

“The wind whips leaves around us
Far away and right outside
Its restlessness infectious
In solidarity I tried
But tolls exacted tallied
Through the day are much too steep
Wrap yourself around me
As I slowly into sleep”