tentative… okay, not so tentative

by Alexandra



Pen, Cherry

You know, I’ve never received flowers before.  I woke up a few mornings ago to an email from my “significant lady”, it goes as followed:

“Alex,  So… I can’t stop thinking about this idea that has crept into my head.  I understand there are about a billion obstacles in the way of this being a good idea.  But… still it creeps.  So fair or not, I would like to lay it on the proverbial table for you to poke holes in or hold up and say – now there’s a great idea.  My biggest concerns are your health, sanity and school work – not necessarily in that order.”  She goes on to explain her idea, that we should meet half way over Labor Day weekend.  Today, several days from the initial suggestion of “the plan”, I woke up to a flight confirmation in my inbox reading: “Hong Kong -> Honolulu”

21 days.