Month: April, 2012

this is skene



the hong kong national rainy chalky spicy day


It ended up being that we both competed! Apparently some people didn’t make it because of the rain and they needed some stragglers to fill up slots!  So we got a big thing of pasta and whoever could eat it the fastest won 200 HKD and also gets to compete again on the 25th for a bigger cash prize.  The only thing was that we had to mix chili powder into the it, so damn hot.  Skene won though, not that I am surprised, I am happy for him and happy that I got a free dinner.  It took him a minute and nine seconds to get it all down, a record at “Pasta Mio”.

When I went in for life drawing today I was pleasantly surprised with a new model; he was a really nice flamboyant asian dude.  I was able to get a really nice drawing done- colored charcoal . I wandered about the school and came cross the chalk art festival that was going on downstairs… I decided to enter even though I was a “last minute contestant” or whatever the hell you call late people.  I drew a green haired woman with an up-do filled with flowers and some big ass tits… and I won “Best in Show” for the individual category!  The prize was a silly gift card for some McCafe coffee but I really love coffee so that’s alright with me.  I never win anything, so it was nice.  I put a picture of what I ended up doing in the attachments, its the one on the left.  My friend Grace did the one on the right.  : )

Hope tennis is going well, sugar plum.

❤ ❤ ❤
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“Wade In The Water”

Patty Griffin

vine charcoal


“coupled in the mouths, of dogs that cannot speak

are the great horned owls, who told of havoc on the beach

all the rustling and howls, were met with one last lonely screech

when to their beds they went, gone each by each”

march installation


I finally got around to documenting the installation I made last quarter. (Thanks to my dear friend Skene, photography extraordinaire.)  It was for our assignment in 3D where we had to make a kinetic game. I decided that I wanted to make a simulation of the beach at night on another planet.  It is black lit on the inside.

this is dog




today’s train of thought

I made this recently, its one of two (currently and tentatively so).

I spoke to Zainab yesterday; it has been nearly ten years.  “I have something to show you” she said… I waited attentively.  Before me was a one month old baby, gurgling and crying, special and fuzzy.  I remember when we were little girls and how whenever she came over to my house she was so afraid of my cats she would physically run away from them.  I asked Z if this had any effect on her as a mother and she assured me that it did not.  Apparently there is a really big difference between a person and a cat.