Halloween 2014



London and Shamballa

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trying to be better, trying to do better.

trying to be better, trying to do better.


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Tampa Bay Aquarium

in solidarity i…

in solidarity i am, plunging fingers in too deep

with something wrapping around me as I settle into sleep

those thousand beaded hands told with tangles in their teeth

of something sewing sadly bubbling up from beneath

of a heavy lidded woman with water pooling at her feet

of a woman who had a heart (but could not recognize its beat).

of the night you went out, with your thoughts too much to tow

and buried a small chance out somewhere deep in the snow

i wish i’d gone with you so that i could know

why the night is so still, why i will never know you

why quiet kills in the depth of your blue

New York


Disney Summer 2012



Rest in peace
J. Divine